8-10 June 2020, Rennes, France


6th European Doctoral College on Environment and Health 2020
“Exposome Summer School”

We are pleased to announce that the sixth European Doctoral College on Environment and Health (EDCEH) will be held from 8 to 10 June 2020 in Rennes at the French School of Public Health (EHESP).
This sixth EDECH edition will be devoted to the exposome concept. It is a 3-day event featuring a variety of training, networking and learning opportunities. This is an excellent opportunity if you are interested in emerging research and the latest methodologies in exposomics.
Pioneer researchers in the field of exposomics such as Martine Vrijheid (Professor at ISGlobal, Barcelona,) PI of the H2020 HELIX project (“Building the Human Early Life Exposome”) and Robert Barouki (Professor at Université Paris Descartes), involved in the H2020 HBM4EU project are already scheduled to give plenary lectures.
Other lectures will discuss a wide range of important topics including personal sensors, biomarkers, 'omics' technologies, citizen sciences and statistical methodologies in epidemiology to better define and study the exposome. Workshops will be organised to discuss practical aspects of exposomics and will include hands-on learning opportunities.
A call for abstracts will open in February 2020 for selection of oral and poster platforms. A “Three Minute Thesis” challenge will be organised so that PhD students can present their work. We are looking forward to seeing you soon in Rennes!

About Irset...

The Research Institute for Environmental and Occupational Health (Irset) is composed of a multidisciplinary team of investigators, all of whom having a common mission: to research and prevent diseases caused by hazards in outdoor and indoor environments. Hazards under investigation include: chemical and biological agents, present in air, water or food, and interacting with human reproductive, hepatic, immune and pulmonary functions. In addition to its research programs, one major task of Irset is the teaching and training, notably at Doctoral level, of the future experts in the fields of reproductive biology and health, toxicology, exposure assessment, epidemiology as well as public health.
Irset is a joint research unit of the French Institute of Medical Research (Inserm), the University of Rennes 1, and the EHESP-School of Public Health, in partnership with the University of Angers, the University of the Antilles, the National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS), and the Rennes, Angers and Pointe-à-Pitre University Hospitals.


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